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Real Estate Investment Webinars by Justin Billingsley

In today’s real estate investment education, most programs are now carried out online. The days of carrying out live events and shows where clients are sensitized on the goings-on in real estate investment are rapidly declining.

Thanks to the internet, real estate agents can now educate clients and investors online using webinars. Webinars make it possible for different potential and actual investors to gather together in a virtual room to get educated, informed and marketed using this cost effective approach that still delivers results effectively.

All the necessary processes involved in investing in real estate can be packaged together or separately to form a series of webinars in real estate investment to educate and inform your audience. A lot of potential investors are quite naïve and inexperienced in the complexities involved in this type of business.

Processes in buying, selling and lending are the major categories to focus on when choosing topics to educate your clients on. From this category, you can easily find out other sub-topics of interest that will be useful to them as well.

To position yourself as a qualified expert before starting up your webinars in real estate investment, you need to first have the tools required to do this.

You will need the following:

  • Engaging and interesting topics to discuss on in real estate
  • Professionally-designed real estate website
  • a PC with all the necessary gadgetry
  • a webinar hosting software like GoToWebinar, ClickWebinar, Livestorm
  • an online presence on social media where you must have gained a level of authority and social proof

It is of note to know that even if you are just starting out, you don’t need to take on everything at once. You can start with topics as easy as a start-up tutorial series in real investment then gradually move on to the heavier aspects of it.

In all, you have to offer valuable and compelling content in the form of images, slides, videos and spoken words. You don’t need to be a technical person to succeed at this. There are many video tutorials on Youtube online that can put you through on how to set up your first online education webinar in real estate successfully.

Even if you are camera or video shy, you can do audio recordings and presentations without appearing on it. As you gain greater confidence and proficiency, you can start doing live video webinars.

In addition, online education in real estate using webinars improves your chances of lead generation and acquisition. While promoting your oncoming webinar using social media, an email opt-in list can be made available on your webinar link to encourage potential investors who need the education on real estate.

As a real estate agent or investor, having these leads is very important as it can help you offer your services to your clients who might either need to buy or sell a home. You can nurture your list by offering them valuable information from time to time and once a relationship has been established, pitch them your services to generate a stream of income.

Online education in real estate using webinars have proven to be an effective instrument for real estate agent and investors who are interested in building their authority and business to the optimum.

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  • Dylan | Mar 2,2018

    Webinars are a great way to add to your business. They can be done in the privacy of your home without them knowing. All sorts of businesses can use this approach too! Its a win win situation for everyone.

  • nick | Mar 3,2018

    Great advice. Is there a way to practice with the software before actually going live? I want my first time to be somewhat professional looking.

  • Tammy | Mar 3,2018

    My husband uses this technique all the time. It really does work for getting leads. Hes picked up quick a few of them.

  • Kathy | Mar 4,2018

    Nice! I never thought about this technique to ger investors.

  • nicole | Mar 6,2018

    I dont understand how you can get clients from it….arent webinars to teach others how to do it for themselves?

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